огненный шар гамма-лучей
his beard is freaking adorable, okay, it makes him look like a teddy bear, and its like, not brown or dark whatsoever, its like, kinda? blond, a little on the ginger side, and it makes his eyes look bluish, like water, and his chin is bigger like that, and that chin dimple is covered with stubble, and his hair is sticking everywhere, and its interesting, its like, a little bouncy, not soft, or silky, its messy, like him, and when wind blows, he is like anime character, and its adorable too. his stomach is growing into a beer craddle, and he has these two moles on it, and a happy trail, and its a little funny, but not that unpleasant, i dont mind it, really, i think its rather cute for some unknown reason, and fuck, those freaking arms, i want to kermit from fangirling over those arms, and his tats, and when we is just about to cross the road, he is sticking his arm, like a protective fucker he is, and i just screaming on the inside. i have this huge aromantic crush on him, and its just sad, something dies a little when we talking about girls, couse i am not in his list, and its not like id ever have a courage to let myself be like that, even if he liked me in i wanna have a family with you kinda way, not i want to go places with you, lets elope to niderlands someday, smoke some, bone someone together ya know. he is adorable when he smiles, when he naggs, while bullshitting his way through life.
and i want to hold him "i d be happy if...", and theres city under our feet, and i want to hold his hand but i would not, because theres something that could not be cured by this, and thats yours and mine souls.
its a perfect place to say i love you, and i wish youd love me like i love you. we could grow old together, like friends, id gave you half of what i have, but i only have you, id give you part of my soul, but you are there already.